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House Hunting Tips

Don't Skip The Home Inspection

  • Have a professional conduct a thorough home inspection

  • Receive a list of repairs and calculate estimates

  • Ask if the seller is willing to address repairs or lower the price

Watch Out For Hidden Costs

  • Ask about the cost of utilities

  • Find out if there are Homeowners Association (HOA) fees

  • Determine what insurance policies are required

Don't Dwell on Cosmetic Issues

  • Don't get turned off by ugly wallpaper or furniture

  • Instead, look for good bones and a strong foundation

  • Cosmetics are relatively inexpensive to fix

Manage Your Expectations

  • Having high hopes can lead to frustration and disappointment

  • Don't feel pressured to rush into a deal

  • Finding the right home requires patience and rationality

Research Market Trends

  • Take action when interest rates are low

  • Monitor real estate activity in the neighborhoods of interest

  • Research common property types and recent purchase prices

Get Pre-Approved

  • How's your credit?  CHECK IT HERE

  • Receive a preliminary mortgage approval from your lender

  • Confidently hunt for houses in a specific price range

Buyer's Guide

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